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Wanna get to know your followers?

Download the public details of all your followers on instagram. Do not compromise your account with third party apps, no more insecure extensions. Try us.


You do NOT need to login with instagram

What can I do with all the data?

Whether you're trying to stay informed, or striving for increase your engagement, the best solution is to analyse and understand your audience. Here are a couple of ideas on how other influencers are using us.

Get in touch with your followers by email

We collect your follower's email if your follower's instagram account is a business account and they have a public email on their profile. So you can notify them when you upload a new photo, or you can pitch your services and get partners.

Instagram profile showing the email input
illustration showing insights on instagram

Get more insights from your audience

Ever wonder why every time you post a photo you don't get much engagement? Chances are you're making content for the wrong audience. Now you can read your followers' bios more efficiently and generate valuable content tailored to your audience.

You can remove your ghost followers

Why? Because they make your engagement drop. The engagement rate is a percentage of followers or viewers that engage with your posts, and if no one is using those accounts, they will never interact with you and are doing more wrong than right.

Use it once, love it forever

Flexible pricing designed for all companies and influencers.

Micro influencer
One-time payment
  • Accounts under 5k followers
  • Delivery in 12 hr
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Small influencer
One-time payment
  • Accounts under 10k followers
  • Delivery in 24 hr
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One-time payment
  • Accounts under 50k followers
  • Delivery in 48 hr
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Do you have more than 50k followers? Get in touch.

I was able to gather real insights from my audience, I read bio by bio and I adjust my captions to fit my followers.

- Andrew Schut

It's helpful. As a marketer I can benchmark my brand against the competition and check out the industry.

- Nichole ♡

Seeing real data from my followers means that I can identify ghost followers and remove them immediately!

- Sinaí | Vegan nutritionist

It saved me a lot of time! You should purchase your list if you value your instagram.

- Brylee Williamson

I have a question...

Is this completly safe?

Yes, we are also instagramers and we know how important is your account to you, that is why we do not ask you for any password or weird login.

How does it work?

Our team manually will navigate through each follower and extract the public data and add it on a list (google sheet). So simply so powerfull, right?

Can I download my competitor followers data?

Of course! You can purchase as many lists as you want. This is useful when trying to compare your followings.

What data will I get?

We give you a list with this data: username, name, bio, email, followers, following, if the follower is verified, last time the follower post something, if the follower has profile picture and how many posts the follower has.

What happen if I need another data?

We can collect any public data, Contact us for another piece of information.

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How long does it take to obtain my list?

It could take up to 24 hr, it will depend on how many orders do we have.

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How do you know who is a ghost follower?

There are some characteristics that define a ghost follower. Such as:

  1. Username contains numbers. So, try not to use numbers yourself.
  2. Has 0 posts.
  3. Has no profile picture.
  4. Hasn’t posted in over a year.
  5. High following. If an account has more than 1000 following, its considered a mass follower and probably won’t interact with your content or is a bot created to increase followers for another account.

What’s a ghost follower?

A ghost follower is any kind of account that is not being used by someone. Whether it is a bot that unfortunately started to follow you, an old account that hasn’t posted in over a year, or accounts that were created and never used anymore.