Wanna get rid of ghost followers?

Then you are in the correct place to start.
We’re here to help you know who they are and get them removed from your following, so you can increase your engagement and have a better insta!


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First off, what’s a ghost follower?

A ghost follower is any kind of account that is not being used by someone. Wether it is a bot that unfortunatelly started to follow you, an old account that hasn’t posted in over a year, or accounts that were created and never used anymore.

How do you know who is a ghost follower?

There are some characteristics that define a ghost follower. Such as:

  • 1. Username contains numbers. So, try not to use numbers yourself.
  • 2. High following. If an account has more than 1000 following, its considered a mass follower and probably won’t interact with your content or is a bot created to increase followers for another account.
  • 3. Has 0 posts.
  • 4. Has no profile picture.
  • 5. Hasn’t posted in over a year.

Why does everyone want to remove their ghost followers?

Because they make your engagement drop. The engagement rate is a percentage of followers or viewers that engage with your posts, and if no one is using those accounts, they will never interact with you and are doing more wrong than right

You must know that you are the one gets to remove them from your following. There are some other tools that do so, but you need to sing in with your Instagram credentials. That’s when your account gets flagged and you might end up with your account banned and complete lost. Don’t put in jeopardy all the hard work you’ve been doing, keep it safe.



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